Kit Packaging

We at 80/20 understand that time is money and that anything we can do to help decrease your assembly time will save you more than just time. For this reason we offer free kit packaging and part tagging services.

Your kit will be cut to length, machined, deburred, washed, and carefully wrapped for shipment. We will also tag each part of your order to match your bill of material.

This will help you find the parts you need faster and easier. This free service is another way that 80/20 puts you first.

80/20 Kit Packaging Benefits:
  • Saving time - everything you need for your project
    comes in one box. You don't spend time dividing
    fasteners, joining plates, extrusions, etc. We do it for
    you - for FREE!

  • Decreasing freight costs - let us do the cutting
    and machining for you so your project can be shipped
    UPS directly to your dock.

  • Lowering storage costs - once you have received
    and checked your shipment, each kit can be stored
    in its own box until you need it.
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