Design Assistance

80/20 understands that designing your project can take more time than you may have. That is why we offer free design assistance for any 80/20 project. All designs are done with the latest version of AutoCAD® and are designed to your specifications.

What We Can Do For Your Design.

All that is needed for us to start your design is a sketch of your project and dimensions. We will layout your design with all necessary fasteners and accessories. 80/20 will utilize your component drawings if a CAD file is provided.

Simply fax or e-mail a sketch of your project to us and request your free quote and design. We could have a design to you in as little as 1 business day.

Design Assistance Benefits:
AutoCAD files to your specifications.

Quotes in as little as 1 business day.

Ability to design with your components.

Design problems can be found and corrected while the project is being designed.

Saves you time and money.
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